After a short silence, AMAGORTIS are back and proud to introduce our NEW SINGER - ALEX! He totally blew us away with his incredible voice and variety of techniques - he's also a long time friend of the band itself and totally dedicated to b
rutal music (check out his 2nd band "Dynamite Abortion" - promo out soon)!


We wanna say THX A LOT as well...

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To All Death Metal Vocalists !!!

Concerning on the departure of our long time vocalist Pascal, we're now searching for the right person to take over his task: performing the vocals for AMAGORTIS. We've already written 10 brand new songs of impulsive & groovy brutality and gonna enter the studio by the end of the year to record our 4th album. Therefore we're looking for a committed and motivated singer who brings: stage experience
, songwriting skills, enough time for tours and concerts and last but not least some English knowledge!

If you think you're the ONE send us an e-mail with your info and.....

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Pascal leaves Amagortis !

We regret to have to inform you that, after 6 awesome years, our singer Pascal has decided to leave the band. He is about to start a PhD and simply doesn’t have enough time to give 100 % for the band anymore. Under these circumstances both sides came to the conclusion, that it would be best to split ways. There is absolutely no bad blood involved in this decision, it was just clear that this would be the best solution for both sides.

Pascal commented on his decision as follows: “I had an absolutely amazing time...

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Hey peeps

We have some new merch available!
Summer time is white t-shirt time, so be sure to pick up one of these beauties! Your balls are now history... CINDERBLOCK CASTRATION!
We also have some new hoodies for all you smokers out there. They’re limited to 50 pieces, so be quick if you want one (check the merch-page).

In other news we’re ready to invade the Houten Deathfest this Saturday, one of our favorite fests out there! ...

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Hey sickos!

As you (hopefully) know we have three new songs recorded, which we now are offering as a FREE Download. For those of you who want a “real” copy, we’ve printed a LIMITED edition of 150 hand-numbered copies of the EP, which you can order through us and us only! As a bonus on the CD, there’s a high quality version of the videoclip...

Some very exciting news about a European tour we’ll be doing this summer will follow shortly, stay tuned for that!

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What's up freaks?!?!

It's been a little silent around us for a while now, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy... We've recorded a three song Promo recently as proof and here is the first song, entitled "Cinderblock Castration"!

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