New Drummer!!! New Concerts!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

we are pleased to be able to present to you our new man behind the kit:

Pascal (the 2nd)

he will be playing with us from January on! Very sick young dude, with a great style and great ambitions!
Also make sure you check out his other band PROGSIK

We are also very proud to announce two amazing gigs we will be playing in 09:
-on March 13/14th we will destroy the "Soil Full Of Body Parts Fest" in Wels, Austria. Supporting none other than the insanely badass Flesh Parade on their first gig in Europe!!! Also playing are: Waco Jesus, Infant Bile, Human Rejection and many more!
-we will also be playing the "Murder Art Fest" in Moscow on April 4th! Vodka and beautiful blond ladies: here we come!!! Other bands confirmed are: Defeated Sanity, Ingested, Neuropathia and our buddies in Female Nose Breaker (plus more)


'09 is gonna be S.I.C.K.!!!!!